Yé Y, Wahser U: "Using the Concept of Info-Cubes to Facilitate Data Analysis in Demographic Surveillance Systems"
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Slide 4: Data Processing in DSS

Data which are collected in a DSS can not be analyzed directly from the data-collection questionnaires. Some data processing needs to be done before the reasercher can do his analysis. The type of activities on the data varies from one stage to another:

  • during data management, the entered data have to be verified and corrected, and data have to be provided for analysis. Data management requires detailed access to the DSS data, when data have to be corrected, but also needs to look at aggregated data to have an overview of all entered data, in order to detect systematic errors. Here a data manager is also doing online analytical processing (OLAP).
  • during data analysis, researchers are trying to find structures and dependencies in the data and an explanation for these. A big part of data analysis is certainly the data mining part, where the researcher is ‘digging’ his way through the data. This part requires heavy OLAP activities with constantly changing views on the data. The other part is the analysis of a few core data, which are normally presented in a fixed format.

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