Wahser U:"Aspects of Generic Software Application Products for Health Management Information Systems"
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Slide 4: Suggestion: SAPHMIS-GV

A lack of computer experts in developing countries can be stated as the major reason for low quality software. Development is either done by expatriates or by national experts during short term consultancies. Resources for a long term maintenance are normally not available.

Therefore it seems to be more reasonable to combine efforts for the production of one SAPHMIS, which can be implemented in many countries. This way a central maintenance of source code by a competent team of programmers would be feasible.

On the other hand it is not realistic to assume unique information needs in all concerned countries with very different health problems and programs. Each health system requires its own mix of indicators, which vary according to the specific monitoring objectives. The SAPHMIS would have to be designed as a generic version (SAPHMIS-GV), which can be adapted to the local information needs by non-experts.

To support this concept, the following sections give some examples of difficulties, which have to be considered during SAPHMIS design. These difficulties appear already when designing a nationally specialized SAPHMIS. Since they require a more sophisticated programming approach, they are normally neglected.

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