Wahser U:"Aspects of Generic Software Application Products for Health Management Information Systems"
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Slide 14: Selection of Tools

Considering the relatively complex requirements, which a local SAPHMIS must meet in order to grant the mentioned functionality, the necessary programming efforts would exceed the normal resources available to the respective ministry of health departments. However, the additional effort to provide an internationally adaptable SAPHMIS doesn't seem to be very big, compared with the efforts to produce a longitudinally valid SAPHMIS.

On the other hand the lack of computer literacy in developing countries calls for a robust, high quality software design. Adaptations to changes in information needs must be handled by non experts. Especially the combination of a useful functionality with a straight forward user interface requires more than the quick and dirty approach.

This presentation therefor calls for the development of a generic version of a SAPHMIS by professional programmers with professional development tools. The result would be an application software product, which is specialized to the needs of the group of health providing services with a hierarchical reporting system as described - the SAPHMIS-GV. This SAPHMIS-GV can then be installed and adapted as a local SAPHMIS by administrators with limited computer skills.

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