Wahser U:"Aspects of Generic Software Application Products for Health Management Information Systems"
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Slide 15: International Effort

Most suitable candidates for developing a SAPHMIS-GV are of course internationally operating organizations in the sector of public health. Normally these have already gained considerable experience when setting up local solutions. Using this experience for the development of a generic SAPHMIS could drastically reduce future efforts in similar activities.

Considering the low budget available of Ministries of Health for HMIS, or the even lower budgets of decentralized districts, which might want to take their own initiative, the SAPHMIS should most likely be distributed in the public domain. This means: it could simply be copied or taken from the Internet without charges.

A good and very successful example is the software EPI Info produced by CDC Atlanta, which is known and frequently used by public health professional all over the world because of its simple, but effective usability for epidemiological questions.

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